50th Anniversary

Geisel Library Exhibits Mark UCSD and Library Anniversaries

In 2011, the UCSD Libraries will be holding a number of exhibits to commemorate the University's 50th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of the Geisel Library Building.

"Ansel Adams at UCSD"
January 21 - May 1

Breezeway between Bonner and Mayer Hall

An exhibit of rarely seen photographs of the UCSD campus by famed photographer Ansel Adams, has been organized and put on display by the Mandeville Special Collections Library. The photographs, which depict UCSD in its infancy, were taken in the early 1960s, when Adams was commissioned by the University of California to photograph each UC campus. A selection of the photographs was published in Fiat Lux in 1967, as one of the centennial publications prepared by the University.

Sea Turtle at the Scripps Aquarium

Although Adams shot more than 70 images of this campus, Fiat Lux included only 10 images of the UC San Diego campus. The Adams' photos on display include iconic shots of the Scripps pier and the breezeway between Bonner and Mayer halls, as well as images of some of UCSD's most distinguished early faculty-Margaret and Geoffrey Burbidge, Walter Munk, John Stewart, and Nobelist Harold Urey.

The UC Riverside Museum of Photography, which holds the negatives of Adams' Fiat Lux work, made Adams' UCSD photos available for UCSD's 50th anniversary celebration. When the exhibit closes, the photographs will become part of the permanent holdings of the Mandeville Special Collections Library.

"Fabulous at 50: Fifty Years of Collecting"
March 14 - July 4

Melvin Voigt, UCSD's first university librarian, with books from Special Collections

To celebrate the University's 50th anniversary and mark the 40th anniversary of the Geisel Library building, which was officially dedicated in March 1971, the Mandeville Special Collection Library is holding an exhibit from March thru spring quarter highlighting the UCSD Libraries' most prominent and celebrated collections.Materials range from rare editions of early voyages to the Pacific Ocean;unique documents and drawings from the Spanish Civil War; manuscripts from poets and scientists such as Pulitzer Prize winner Rae Armantrout and Nobelist Francis Crick;artists' books;early documents illustrating the development of San Diego, California, and Baja California;rare culinary manuscripts; and original drawings by beloved author Dr.Seuss.

Chemist George Bien in a lab at SIO

Other exhibits planned in Geisel for spring quarter include:

  • "Paper to Pixels: Libraries & Technology," an exhibit in the Social Sciences & Humanities Library tracing the impact of technology on libraries.

  • The Science & Engineering Library will sponsor "The Art of Science at UCSD," a photography contest that will feature artistic representations of scientific work done at UCSD. The winning entries will be exhibited in the S&E Library during Spring Quarter.

  • The Arts Library will hold an exhibit saluting illustrator and author/poet Geoff Relf and his new book Blue Planet Blues by Gordon the Giant Clam and ESP.

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Exhibits & Events

January - May 2011
Ansel Adams at UCSD
Main Floor, Geisel Library
Presented by Mandeville Special Collections Library
For more information, call (858) 534-2533.

March - June 2011
Fabulous at 50: 50 Years of Collecting
Main Floor, Geisel Library
Presented by Mandeville Special Collections Library
For more information, call (858) 534-2533

April - June 2011
The Art of Science at UCSD
Science & Engineering Library, Geisel Library
For more information, call (858) 534-2480

March - April 2011
Papers to Pixels: Libraries & Technology
Social Sciences & Humanities Library, Geisel Library
For more information call (858) 822-2346

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