Preferred Journal Format Policy

In recent studies of the local use of journals, the UC San Diego Library has confirmed that the majority of library users prefer accessing journals online rather than in print when the online version is equal to or better than the print version. In the last several years because of flux in the emerging online publishing industry, the Library has often acquired both the print and online versions of many journals. As the digital medium has stabilized and structures have emerged to ensure its long-term preservation, the Library finds it is no longer necessary to acquire both formats. This is especially fortunate as the acquisition of both formats is costly and commits shelving space and ongoing staff resources to the handling, binding, and shelving of print journals that are increasingly falling into disuse.

Since 2008, the UC San Diego Library has favored online versions of journal titles when both online and print versions are available. Print subscriptions are only cancelled after ensuring that adequate safeguards are in place to ensure permanent access. Minimum safeguards include a shared repository within the UC system for print journals and a trusted third-party digital repository for the electronic ones. The UC San Diego Library has maintained print subscriptions of titles for which online access is unavailable, delayed, or embargoed, as well as those for which physical browsing has been identified as desirable.

Principles & Policies