Geisel Collections Consolidation Update (Spring 2015)

What We’ve Been Doing

This year the Library has continued to focus collection management efforts on creating space for future growth in the Geisel building. To accomplish this goal, we are completing the process of moving pre-1990 bound print journal volumes in the humanities and social sciences from Geisel to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. As these volumes are moved out of the Geisel Tower, we project there is now 4-5 years of growth space for monograph collections in most subject areas.

We expect to have this transfer of materials completed later in 2015. As always, volumes can be requested through Roger (the Library’s online catalog) for delivery to Geisel or the Biomedical Library Building (BLB) for pick-up. In addition, the Library has now implemented a scanning service that will enable one to request, again through Roger, articles needed from journals stored at the Annex which will be delivered electronically to one’s desktop.

As collections move between locations, our Roger database is continuously updated to reflect the actual location of every volume.

What We Will be Doing This Summer

We will be working on reviewing, updating, and moving books and bound journals in the Biomedical Library Building (BLB). The goal is to maintain a current, research- and curriculum-focused health sciences collection. Health science materials located in Geisel and BLB will be reviewed to reconcile duplicates and to ensure that those located in BLB are more focused on medicine and the health sciences, while those in Geisel are more focused on social policy and history of science and medicine. A particular area of review will be biology titles. Non-medical biology materials will be housed in Geisel; those related to biomedicine will be housed in BLB.

Many of the circulating books in BLB will be moved and included in the compact shelving area where the bound journals are located. Bound journals for the current 15 years will be kept on site and earlier years will be moved to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. As described above, items needed from the Annex can be requested through Roger for delivery to the requestor’s desktop or physically for pick-up at Geisel or BLB.

We will also be working on outfitting additional storage space on Miramar Road. As this becomes available later in 2015, we will gain more working space for staging continued projects.

What We’re Thinking About Doing

To accommodate the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) that will be moved into the Geisel Library in Fall 2016, we will need to move some collections within Geisel. Just what will move and where, remains to be determined, but the proposal now under consideration is to move more of the older bound journal in the sciences to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. As a result of steadily increasing the extent of our digital archives for journals in the sciences, we have seen the use of the print versions of these journals continue to decline. Thus we are considering keeping only the current 15 years of print journals with call numbers Q-Z (i.e., the sciences) in Geisel. The volumes published prior to 2000 would be moved to the Miramar Road Storage Annex. This would free up collection space and enable us to move the Music collections into Geisel compact shelving in order to free up space for the TLC.

Finally, we will soon be collaborating with JSTOR to provide them with journal volumes that they need to scan to increase the content they make available online. We have offered content to complete or supplement online runs of 97 titles. These items will be returned to us in a few weeks. As always, should a patron need access to a particular article in a volume that is off-site, we will scan a copy via our Interlibrary Loan service. This effort will ultimately benefit all JSTOR users and provide increased access to content online.

We welcome your comments and thoughts.