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ARTstor Images Now Available at 1024 Download Size

ARTstor has announced that by the end of the 2007 calendar year, approximately 80 percent of the images in the ARTstor Digital Library will be available for download at 1024 pixels on the long side. In November 2006, ARTstor released approximately 100,000 at the 1024 download size. Until then, ARTstor's OIV is recommended to download full size images.

The Offline Image Viewer offers internet independent classroom presentations with ARTstor and personal images. Released in August 2007, OIV 3.0 incorporated several enhancements that have been requested by users. The new 3.0 version offers the ability to open more than one instance of OIV at the same time, the ability to rotate images in the Image Palette, the ability to edit zoomable slide templates, as well as additional printing options and other improvements to existing features. The OIV is downloadable to your computer from ARTstor.

ARTstor OIV/Insight/PowerPoint Comparison Chart

ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer (OIV) *Recommended*

Luna Insight

UC Image Service has licensed Luna Insight software for the delivery of shared digital image collections. You need only download the software once to your personal computer.

  • Guide to Quick Start Using Insight (Courtesy UC Davis)

Power Point

For help using images in the classroom please contact Vickie O'Riordan, 822-0208

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