Finding Community


Are you contemplating a move to San Diego County but don't know if it is the right move for you? Or, have you already decided to make the move to San Diego, but do not know when/where/how to start your housing search? Do you need help deciding which neighborhood would be best for you to live in, taking into account your personal preferences? Here are some great resources to help you become more familiar with the UC San Diego campus and surrounding area!

Campus Information

  • About UC San Diego is a great place to start learning all you need to know about UC San Deigo.

City and County of San Diego General Resources and Information

Rental Housing

Owners of rental housing and appartments utilize a variety of the following to advertise available rentals:

Real Estate

Check out some of the most popular real estate agents on Yelp. For available condo and house listings, we recommend the following resources:


There are lots of ways to get around San Diego!