Data & GIS Lab: Saving Your Work

Our Lab network does not connect to the larger Active Directory network that you may be used we offer you a different array of options for saving your data and GIS projects.

Listed below are saving options in order of good to not-so-good.

  • D Drive:  This is good for temporary storage of your work only.  These drives are specific to each computer and are cleaned at regular intervals.
  • USB Drive: This is the best option because it is secure, under your control, and accessible only to you. We recommend you have at least 2 GB of storage on the drive.

  • CD or DVD: While still portable and under your control, there are some definite downsides to this option…primarily you can only write to your CDs or DVDs off the Data & GIS Lab computers. Thus, you need to have a new CD or DVD each time you work in the Lab.

  • Email: This is an option, but not a very good option since data and GIS work typically requires many large files. Email systems always have size limitations on attachments, and GIS data will almost always exceed those limits. However, if all you need is a small dataset or an image/PDF of your map, email may work well.

  • *Remember, Data & GIS Lab workstations are cleaned of any data or documents as needed, and often without notification.

    You are responsible to maintain, save and keep your work safe!


Please visit the Social Science Data Services website or to inquire about accessing and working with numeric data and/or using statistical software contact
Tim Dennis, Data Services & Collections Librarian: (858) 534-0676;


For more information about working with GIS in the Lab, see here

Visit the GIS at UC San Diego website for more information. 

Michael L. Smith, GIS Coordinator: (858) 534-1248;