Data & GIS Lab


The Data & GIS Lab serves two distinct but interrelated functions here at UC San Diego. On the data front, the Lab offers access to statistical software as well as to datasets not available from the Social Science Data Services website, or elsewhere. On the GIS front, the Lab serves as the primary campus base for GIS services, access to GIS data and software, and the only place with staff to provide GIS assistance.

The workstations in the Lab have both statistical software and GIS software. To better serve you, the Lab contains reference and circulating books for both data and GIS. Check the shelves and spines of the books to determine the resource is something you can check out or have to use in the Lab.

What is in the Lab?

Data & GIS Lab Computers

  • There are eight computers total in the Data & GIS Lab. Each computer has signage to indicate what type of machine it is from the three categories below.
    • Combined Data/GIS machines: Six of the computers have current statistical/numeric data software and GIS software.
    • DataCruncher: This computer's priority use is statistical/numeric data use. It has additional extensions/functionality for data software such as SAS and the SPSS Advanced and Custom Tables modules and also has ArcGIS 10 Desktop and Business Analyst software. It has two logins – one for the public and one for current UC San Diego community members. Members of the public can use the DataCruncher but cannot access the ArcGIS software or limited-use statistical datasets per our license agreements.
    • SuperStation: This computer serves primarily to provide access to older CD-ROMs. It is open to the public and the majority of its functionality has been transferred over to the DataCruncher public logon profile.
  • All computer hard drives/CPUs are physically below the tables in the middle of the table. Each monitor and CPU has a small colored circle sticker on it so you can easily figure out which machine goes with which monitor.
  • All computers have a drive where you can save your work temporarily in an unsecure environment. On the Combined Data/GIS workstations, the drive to save to is drive D. For more details, see this page.

Combined Data/GIS Computer Details

  • The Combined Data/GIS computer password is changed each quarter and is available through Lab staff, the Research Assistance Desk, the Information Desk, or by emailing or The username stays the same and is ‘gis’.
  • As of May 2016, the software on the Combined Data/GIS computers includes:
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2010
    • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
    • Notepad
    • ArcGIS 10.3.1 and 10.1, ArcInfo level functionality (inquire for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro availability)
    • ArcGIS Business Analyst 2014
    • Google Earth Pro
    • SketchUp Pro 2014
    • Stata 14
    • SPSS 23
    • DataStream 5.1
    • Stat Transfer 13
    • SAS 9.4
    • R 3.2.2
    • Python 2.7

DataCruncher Computer Details

SuperStation Computer Details

  • The SuperStation computer password is available through the Lab staff or the Research Assistance Desk in the Geisel Library.


  • All computers in the Data & GIS Lab print to the Imprints printer in the Geisel West Learning Commons. You can choose the black-and-white or the color printer. Printing requires you to have an Imprints card or a UC San Diego ID card as there is no free public printer in the Lab.
  • Use of the 44” plotter and scanner is limited to GIS and map projects at the discretion of the GIS Coordinator and Map Librarian respectively.


  • The Lab contains reference and circulating books for both data and GIS. Be sure to check the shelves and spines of the books to determine the resource is something you can check out or have to use in the Lab.

Location and Hours

2nd (Main) Floor Geisel Library in the Geisel West Learning Commons.

The Lab is open to current UCSD students during the same hours as the Geisel Library building. However, first time GIS users must obtain a password at either the Research Assistance or Information desks during open desk hours.

Lab Phone and GIS Questions: (858) 534-6854


For data, the Lab offers the latest versions of a number of statistical software applications.

Please visit the Social Science Data Services website or contact Tim Dennis, Data Services & Collections Librarian Librarian: (858) 534-0676; to inquire about accessing and working with numeric data and/or using statistical software.


For GIS, the Lab offers GIS and GIS-related software, GIS data, an extensive CD-ROM collection, and staff to help you.

Additional details about using GIS in the Lab.

Visit the GIS at UC San Diego website for more information or contact Michael Smith, GIS Coordinator: (858) 534-1248;