Geographic Information Systems at UC San Diego

The Basics: What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offer a compelling and powerful approach to exploring our world. Applicable across a vast range of disciplines, GIS simultaneously serves as an information management system, analysis tool, and visualization technique.

At UC San Diego GIS is used in over fifty departments ranging from archaeology to economics to family medicine. Now it's your turn to join in and let us help you figure how GIS can be applied to your work.

If you are curious to learn more about what GIS is, come on in to the Data & GIS Lab and talk with us. We're happy to tell you all about what GIS can do for you!

For more online information, ESRI, the predominate GIS software manufacturer, provides great information on the basics of GIS.

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Overview of GIS Services and Resources

Explore our website for details of GIS at the UC San Diego Library. Or check out this PDF summary of our services and resources.

Specifically for UC San Diego, your GIS Coordinator has developed this guide to provide general information as well as course-specific GIS assistance.

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I'm happy to provide additional information on our resources and services.

Please let me know about your questions, comments, and suggestions for this website and for GIS on the UC San Diego campus.

—Michael L. Smith, GIS Coordinator