GIS Data

GIS Data 

Without data a GIS can't do much...this is much like the fact that a Word document means nothing without text or characters. And for those who have tried, finding and manipulating GIS data can be one of the most challenging components of using GIS.

Data Resources

  • GIS Lab "X" Drive (only available from the computers in the Data & GIS Lab).
  • GIS Resources on the Web: Check this out for an ever-evolving list of GIS resources online, including downloadable data for places across the globe. The tag cloud on this page shows the categories we're using...we hope it helps you!
  • GIS Resources (also see Geography link)
  • UC San Diego Library Catalog (search using genre/form 'GIS data')
  • GIS Coordinator and GIS Lab staff (in person, by appointment, email, phone, or walk-in)

San Diego-Specific Data

  • GIS Lab "X" Drive, San Diego Data folder: Contains the majority of SanGIS data & SANDAG data unzipped, ready for use and with metadata. Only available from the computers in the GIS Lab.
  • SanGIS (set up a free account for yourself or use our account with a username of 'ucsdgislab' and password of 'ucsd')
  • More San Diego Links

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I'm happy to provide additional information on our resources and services.

Please let me know about your questions, comments, and suggestions for this website and for GIS on the UC San Diego campus.

—Michael L. Smith, GIS Coordinator