Latin American Studies Data


Latinobarómetro is an annual public opinion survey conducted since 1995 by Latinobarómetro Corporation, a non-profit NGO based in Santiago, Chile. Each survey consists of approximately 19,000 interviews and represents over 400 million inhabitants and, since 2004, covers all 18 Latin American countries.

Many questions are standardized and therefore facilitate time-series analysis. Standardized measures include: attitudes toward democracy, civic culture, economic issues, gender issues, the environment, inequality, social capital, and trade policy. Results of the surveys are of interest to social and political actors, international organizations, governments and the media. Note: A survey was not conducted in 1999.

Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP)

The Library is pleased to announce an agreement with the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) to provide access to selected LAPOP datasets to enrolled UC San Diego faculty and students. The Latin American Public Opinion Project has produced over sixty surveys analyzing public perceptions of the role of government, political tolerance, citizen participation, and corruption among other issues. Uniquely, it includes The Americas Barometer, which is viewed as the most comprehensive survey of democratic public opinion and behavior that covers the Americas. Data is available for 2004, 2006 and 2008.