Research Data Curation Program Team

Our team is here to provide you with a variety of services and support. 

Contact the Research Data Curation Program with any questions or comments.
Feel free to email any of us individually if we can be of service.

David Minor is the Program Director for Research Data Curation. He oversees general direction for the group, and leads strategic partnerships on campus and within the UC. He's also Director of the Chronopolis Program, a long-term digital preservation network. (ORCIDLinkedInResearchGate)

Ho Jung Yoo is a Technical Analyst for Research Data Curation. She works directly with researchers seeking to manage and share their data. She brings to the program years of research experience in population ecology. (ORCID, ResearchGate)

Ryan Johnson is a Metadata Specialist for Research Data Curation. He helps researchers describe their data and makes sure it's discoverable in the digital repository. He has experience in managing metadata for digital humanities and social science data. 

Mary Linn Bergstrom is a Liaison Librarian. She manages the EZID service, funded by the Library, whereby campus researchers can set up accounts and assign digital object identifiers (DOIs) to their research datasets. She also participates in developing and teaching workshops on the concepts of research data management and curation. (ORCID)

Reid Otsuji is a Data Curation Specialist and Faculty Liaison Librarian for Research Data Curation.  He helps campus researchers with creating data management plans using the DMPTool and designs and teaches curriculum for data curation-related training and workshops.  (ORCID)

Sibyl Schaefer is the Digital Preservation Analyst for Research Data Curation. She is Program Manager for Chronopolis and helps define long-term digital preservation solutions for the UC San Diego campus, also continuing our commitment to the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA). (LinkedIn)

Tim Dennis  is the Library Data Librarian. He provides consultations on research involving data, including finding and recommending data sources and advising on technical data issues, such as file format conversion, web scraping, and statistical software use. He teaches workshops on various data and programming topics, including software use, data manipulation, management, and literacy. He also gives in-class presentations to introduce students to data sources and statistical software. (LinkedIn, ORCID)