Sharing and Discovery

Data documentation and sharing greatly increase the longevity and impact of your research, by making it easier for the wider community to discover and use your data.

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Why share your data

Why share data? It benefits you, the researcher...

... and it benefits the community.

  • Allows others to build upon your data. By sharing well-documented data, you enable additional scientific inquiry and meta-analysis that cannot be generated by a single researcher or laboratory.
  • Streamlines resources. When data is shared, recollection of data is minimized and resources are saved.
  • Open data supports reproducible science. Re-analysis and replicability of data helps verify results and is a key part of the scientific process. Data exposure provides safeguards against misconduct.
  • Increases return on research investment. Funding agencies and journals are increasingly promoting or requiring data management plans and data sharing because of the potential for a greater return on research investment. 
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