Select a repository

Are you a UC San Diego researcher with data to share?

Need help selecting a repository? Here are some general guidelines:

A wide variety of institution-based and discipline-specific repositories exist for digital data. Characteristics of the repository you'll want to consider include:

  • The data is persistent
  • The data is searchable and browsable
  • The data can be retrieved/downloaded easily
  • The data can be cited
  • The repository is open-access

Select a data repository most appropriate for the type of data you generate and for the audience that will make use of the data. If both a discipline-specific repository and an institution-based one exist for your data, then consider depositing in both locations to maximize discovery.

Some examples of discipline-specific repositories include:

Many more data repositories are available online than can be listed here. Consult, an external resource, for an extensive list of discipline-specific repositories.

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