Deposit your data at the Library

Are you a UC San Diego researcher with data to share?

The Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) at UC San Diego Library makes your data discoverable and easily accessible, and helps you to meet requirements for data sharing. It is a locally built digital repository designed to accommodate the widest possible spectrum of digital media. Data deposited into the DAMS become part of UC San Diego's Digital Collections, which is accessed via the Library's Digital Collections website, the search and discovery interface for the DAMS.

The DAMS can also facilitate the submission of digital assets to Chronopolis, a long-term preservation service managed by UC San Diego.

The impact and value of your shared data depend strongly on rich metadata content to make the data independently understandable and usable on its own. We work with you to help you maximize the discoverability and reusability of your data. To schedule a consultation for depositing your data into the DAMS, submit a brief form or send us an email.

Are you looking for research data generated at UC San Diego?

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