Preventing Plagiarism

For Faculty

Are you interested in covering plagiarism in class but don’t have the class time to do so?  The library has an online tutorial consisting of three modules that can be used as a link on a website or embedded into TritonEd.  Please fill out our Plagiarism Tutorial Request Form. If you have questions or concerns, contact Learning Services for more information. 

Module Descriptions

Module 1: Define

This module provides a definition of plagiarism and common knowledge. Through a series of activities, students will be able to identify if and why a passage has been plagiarized. Case studies provide an opportunity for students to decide if a character is guilty of plagiarism. 

Module 2: Prevent

This module illustrates a process by which students paraphrase in order to prevent plagiarism. Guided activities allow students to practice the process by recognizing if a passage has been plagiarized. 

Module 3: Cite

This module conveys the importance of citation to prevent plagiarism. Students will review examples of in-text and bibliographic citation in the MLA and APA styles and review parts of a citation. They will use resources to help them create citations in a specific style and practice creating in-text and bibliographic citations. 



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