Workshops: Your Laptop


You can bring your own laptop to our workshops!
Here's how to get the most out of the experience:

For database searching, EndNote and RefWorks workshops, you will need to have a wireless (Wi-Fi) card for your laptop, either internal or external. You should register your wireless card with the campus for Internet access BEFORE you come to the class. You will need to know your UCSD Network username and password to do this - this is usually the same login you use for the proxy server, WebCT, or Academic Computing Services computer labs. Please work this out before class time - we do not build time into our workshops to help people register for network access.  See ACT's documentation for more information about wireless at UCSD.

For EndNote desktop workshops, you should have EndNote installed on your laptop - we do not have copies of the software to loan. You can download a working 30-day free trial version of EndNote from the company's website, If you have an older version of EndNote, that's OK, but in our workshops we will be using version X2 and may not be able to stop and explain where to find particular features in older versions.

For PubMed and other database-oriented workshops, you will need a current Web browser, and it is helpful to also have a current version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Our classroom computers are all Windows-based. If you bring a Mac laptop you should be aware that library staff may not have experience with the Mac version of our software.

Feel free to bring along a power cable to stay charged up - there are power strips under the front surfaces of the tables in the computer classroom.