Website Changes

What is happening?

The Library has transitioned from a decentralized organization with discipline-based branch libraries to one that is more centralized, streamlined, and operationally cohesive in serving the needs of the campus community. The former discipline-based library websites have now been absorbed into the main Library website.  This includes the Arts, Biomedical, Science & Engineering, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Social Sciences & Humanities Library "home" web pages.  (The Special Collections and Archives page will remain, and can now be found directly under the Collections tab in the top menu).

How do I find resources, journals, etc. in my subject area?

Journal article databases, encyclopedias, and many other specialized resources can be found in each of the following listed subject areas pages. Here are the top-level subject categories: 

I used to use my discipline library page to get to a specific database/resource/link. How do I find it now?

You should find most if not all of the resources from the former discipline library pages in the subject listings above. You will also find our databases listed in Databases A-Z as well as in Roger, the UCSD Library Catalog.  If there's something you're not able to find, please Ask A Librarian

I used to use my discipline library page to get to guides that were created for my courses. How do I find those now?

The guides that have been created for courses (and subjects too) can be found on our LibGuides page. 

Will I still be able to consult with a librarian in my subject area?

Absolutely.  Find your subject librarian on the Subject Librarians page.

Still have questions?

Please Ask A Librarian if you have questions about where to find any information you were used to finding via the discipline library websites.  You can also use the Feedback link at the bottom of this page to reach the web team.  

Transitions & Consolidations